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Paws Adventures is a program designed to allow your dogs to explore the great outdoors around Maine. Together, we will adventure through the woods, beaches, mountains, and beyond.

We supply water, Wellness bars, and fresh carrots and apples on all of our adventures so that everyone stays well hydrated and happy. In addition, we have built a travel-safe leash system in the Paws Adventures vehicle to ensure that all of the dogs are belted into the vehicle while traveling.

Paws Adventures run all year long. Each season may offer different days and times depending on the pack's needs.

There are a few prerequisites we require potential Paws Adventures dogs to have, all of which can be achieved by anyone with enough interest and commitment.

We require that all pets are up on their vaccinations, wear a collar with their license and contact information as well as any necessary walking tools (gentle leader, easy walk harness). We also require each dog has excellent recall and basic skills (come, sit, down, stay), food, toy, and social etiquette (no aggression, jumping, nipping). We allow a trial period for first time Adventurers in order to observe such behavior as well as offer basic trianing sessions or tips if such behavior is revealed. Please visit our Must Haves page for more information.

If you are interested in signing up for our summer season, please sign up soon to secure your spot by filling out our Form, or by emailing us at info@portlandspaws.com. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and we hope to see you on an Adventure Day really soon!

- Melissa Letourneau
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